POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - August 16th, 2021 – Self-regulating high flow diffusers
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August 16th, 2021 – Self-regulating high flow diffusers

The POK self-regulating high flow diffusers 

POK® is pleased to present its self-regulating high flow diffusers.

POK aims to provide the best quality in terms of firefighting equipment.

That’s why in 2020 POK created a brand-new firefighting equipment to answer a specific request from a customer from the petrochemical industry:

the self-regulated diffuser with sheet spray
with a flow rate of 20 000 lpm

This product has been very successful in the chemical and petroleum industries, for which its technical characteristics are particularly appropriate.

The notoriety of this diffuser reached China, where one of POK‘s customers expressed a need for a similar equipment but with a lower flow rate. POK then launched:

a self-regulated diffuser with a flow rate of 10 000 lpm

Following the successful results of these products, POK teams continue to innovate to develop a wide range of self-regulating

self-regulating diffusers with sheet spray, ranging from 2 000 lpm to 20 000 lpm.

The self-regulated diffusers present several advantages:

These easily adaptable diffusers allow to meet less logistical constraints and a very great saving of time, a very fast intervention to control the fire, especially for the diffusers with high flows
Possibility to install the diffuser directly on the vehicle with our DN200 nozzle and to only have to connect to the hydrant
The large flow diffusers can operate with a pressure of 5 to 15 bar while keeping a constant quality of action thanks to the self-regulation
Pressure losses are also significantly lower than those of traditional diffusers
Self-regulating diffusers with large flow rates have a significant range exceeding 100m
This innovation improves the precision of the diffusers


This equipment is particularly suitable for use on chemical and petroleum industrial sites, but also on storage warehouses for low flow rate diffusers, fields of activity in which firefighting is essential.

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