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October 21rst, 2019 – The STACS

The solution for fire trucks

A brilliant invention, 100% POK®! We wanted to present this solution at the largest fire show, Interschutz, but the solution being available, operational, functional, successful, no need to wait. The STACS is the solution for controlling monitors on trucks. This solution is unique on the market. There is no better equivalent.

What does STACS mean? STACS means Smart Truck Active Control System.

Stacs is the first CAN J1939 BUS compatible firefighting vehicle monitor control system using smart brushless motor technology. It can control several monitors (fitted on roof and bumper) from different places and offers great flexibility of use (from the driver cabin, or from outside the vehicle by wire or radio connection).
Stacs is fully configurable and can be adapted to any type of vehicles, regardless the existing constraints and obstacles. It meets users’ requirements, ensuring intuitive operation in complete safety and in any type of situations. The various control technologies used (from the driver cabin, radio or cable) allow the user(s) to control the monitors with great precision while remaining as close as possible to the action.
Stacs is a modular “plug and play” solution allowing extension of the functionalities to other uses (additional monitor(s), new control point(s), control accessories, etc.) easily.
A unique configuration tool is provided with the Stacs solution, offering users a total autonomy in programming the system. POK provides a comprehensive training during the system installation and can offer you a turnkey solution tailored to your real needs.

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