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Décember 16th, 2019 – The Legend nozzle

The reference for automatic nozzles

To meet the ever-increasing demand from firefighters for automatic nozzles, POK® has carried out in-depth work in partnership with professionals to create a nozzle perfectly adapted to the evolution of fires in confined spaces.

It is from this work that was born the latest Legend 500 nozzle, made of aluminium alloy. It features an ultra-compact pressure regulation system, as well as a flow selection system with an indexed operating handle. Its diffuser head with cut teeth in aluminium alloy, offers the possibility to adjust the jet to three positions (straight jet, attack jet, wide spray jet).
This nozzle is perfectly adapted to the “Pulsing” technique, it allows firefighters to carry out the ceiling test with very little recoil and a quality of fine droplets allowing very efficient work in urban fires.
With the Legend nozzle, Pok has succeeded in achieving the same weight and size as a conventional nozzle of the same flowrate, i. e. approximately 2.5 kg depending on the connection.
The Legend nozzle is available in several versions including a nozzle allowing the extinction of electric fires. This version is equipped with a safety device that prevents the nozzle holder from accidentally passing through a full jet. To unlock the full jet, the user must operate a trigger under the nozzle.
It is also possible to have on the Legend nozzle a flow control valve at 250 l/minute.
Equipped with this device, the user cannot exceed this flow rate, which allows him to work on specific fires such as boat fires for example. Finally, there is also a version of the Legend nozzle with a diffuser head equipped with a turbine. This ensures superior foam quality when the Legend lance is equipped with a foam adapter.
The Legend nozzle has become the reference for automatic nozzles in France.
Many fire brigades or administrations have trusted the latter to equip their teams.

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